Gifts for New Parents: What to Buy New Mums and Dads

Presents for new mumInvited to a baby shower? This USA phenomenon, where a party is thrown for Mums-To-Be to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of their baby is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and part of the tradition is the act of gift giving. Alternatively, gifts are frequently given in the UK following the arrival of the new baby.

You might already be a parent simply looking for inspiration, or a childless friend / family member in need of guidance about what makes a suitable gift to buy. Either way, this list of 20 gift suggestions will hopefully give you lots of ideas, whether you are looking for something that is practical, or simply cute.

In this guide, we include:

Gifts That Are Useful

If the baby’s parents tend to prefer substance over style, then these practical gifts are bound to please:

Shoes & Boots

Converse Baby Booties

Babies generally don’t need shoes or boots in the first few months, but they are a great way of keeping their feet warm when out and about, especially if the baby is born in the winter.

Once the baby starts crawling, he or she might want something to protect their feet, especially on hard surfaces or outdoors. Leather crawler shoes are increasingly popular with parents; they come in lots of bright and colourful designs and are really soft.

Buy Baby Shoes

Sleeping Bags

Teddy Bear Sleeping Bag

A must have for many parents these days is the baby sleeping bag. They are popular because babies can’t kick them off during the night as they can with blankets. Grobag is probably the best known manufacturer with a range of colours and patterns available. If you live in the UK, choose one that has a tog rating of 2 or 2.5, as these are best suited for our climate.

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Nursing Cushion

Nursing Pillow with Owls

Nursing cushions are brilliant because they provide support to both Mum and Baby during nursing / feeding sessions, which is especially useful during what is known as “cluster feedings” where the baby wants to nurse constantly due to a growth spurt.

Parents-to-be might not have considered buying one as they don’t automatically spring to mind when it comes to items you need for a baby, which is why they make a great gift. You can choose something plain or something more colourful.

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Farm Fleece

Every baby needs clothing, and lots of it thanks to frequent spit ups and accidents involving nappies. Clothing is a popular choice for gifts for babies up and down the country, and many parents often find themselves overwhelmed with onesies and sleepsuits. So, why not choose something for when the baby is a little bit older, for example, six months plus.

Buy Baby Clothing

Feeding Sets

Noahs Ark Feeding Set

It might not seem like it now, but it won’t be long before that newborn baby is munching down on a bowl of rice pudding or a roast chicken dinner. There are lots of lovely feeding sets that make cute gifts for the new arrival, and they are sure to get a great deal of use. Some sets might not be decorated with lots of cute pictures, but they are very practical, especially for taking out on day trips, and are relatively low cost.

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Grooming Sets

Tommee Tippee Grooming Set

Very practical, these little sets help parents to care for their baby’s hair and nails. A simple set is ideal if you need to stick to a low budget, whilst the Tommee Tippee Grooming Kit comes with added extras, such as a thermometer and a nasal aspirator, which whilst sounds awful, is actually very very useful when the baby has a cold!

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Muslin Squares

Rainbow Muslins

Muslin Squares are a Mum’s best friend. They are used to mop up spit ups, as a clothing protector during feeds, as a comforter, blanket, and they even can be used as an emergency sun shade!

They come in lots of colours so make a great practical gift. You can find a great budget pack or you could go all out with slightly more interesting muslins.

Buy Plain Muslins | Colourful Muslins

Room Thermometers


Many new parents find themselves worrying over whether their baby’s bedroom is too hot or too cold. A room thermometer can bring peace of mind. This Philips Avent thermometer is popular amongst parents, as it has the added benefit of being able to be used to test bath water. The Gro Egg Room Thermometer changes colour with the temperature, allowing you to easily see if the room is too hot or too cold.

Buy Baby Room Thermometers

Gifts That Are Fun For Baby

If you want to spoil the new arrival, then we’ve got some lovely ideas for you here.

Baby Gyms

Fisher Price Gym

Baby Gyms are bright colourful mats with arches over them on which there are attached a number of toys. They provide the baby with stimulation and help encourage their sensory development. Some play music or have light machines as well which helps to keep the baby entertained. We love the one from Fisher-Price because it even includes a piano for the baby to kick!

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Knitted Bear Rattle

Rattles are normally the first toy that a baby will play with, and they make great gifts, particularly if you need to stick to a budget. Some are soft like this cable knit bear rattle, whilst others are made from a hard plastic ideal for the baby to gnaw on during teething troubles, like the classic Sophie the Giraffe.

Buy Baby Rattles | Sophie the Giraffe


The Gruffalo

Though the baby might not be able to communicate just yet, reading to them from an early age is important as it has been shown to help with cognitive development. Babies will love looking at the bright pictures, whilst toddlers will be fascinated with the stories, and Mum and Dad will be grateful to have a variety of books to read as it can get tedious reading the same two or three over and over again. Board books are ideal for young babies, though if you wanted to read them something slightly more interesting, even though they may not understand it now, it may be more entertaining for you!

Buy Board Books

Soft Toys

Slumber Bear

Soft toys are a staple of a baby’s nursery. If you want to choose something that is a little bit different, then a slumber bear is a cute teddy with a sound box hidden inside. The soundbox has a selection of recordings that can be played to the baby to help him or her sleep, including a recording taken from inside a womb, said to be the ultimate soothing noise for newborns. Parents can even record their own message to be played, and it’s safe to use from birth.

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Gifts For Mum

Don’t forget about the new Mum. Whilst the baby is being showered with gifts it can be easy to forget about the woman who has gone through the painful experience of labour. New mums are flooded with hormones that can leave them feeling tired and emotional so something that spoils them as well would be very welcome.

Pampering Products

Burts Bees

New Mums will love the opportunity for a little bit of pampering and there’s nothing better than a warm bath when you’re feeling tired or achy. Be sure to check out all of the great new mum pampering gift sets. They range from budget to more elaborate hampers.

Buy New Mum Hampers

Changing Bags

Yummy Mummy Bag

A woman can never have too many handbags, and just because a bag is going to be filled with wipes, nappies, and baby clothes doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish.

Our favourite has to be the pink lining Yummy Mummy changing bag, which, whilst certainly pricey, is definitely a must have for any Yummy Mummy. It comes complete with a padded changing mat and a waterproof zip bag for those soiled clothes. If that is out of your budget, then there are loads of options.

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Handprint Charm

Looking for something a little bit special for a new mother? Fingerprint Jewellery create custom made silver jewellery using imprints of a little ones finger, hand, or foot. After you place an order you will be sent an impression kit. Take an impression from the baby and send it off, and they use that to create a personal and very special piece of jewellery.

Buy New Mum Jewellery

Gifts To Treasure

The arrival of a new baby is a momentous occasion, one to be cherished. Celebrate with one of these extra special keepsake gifts.

Keepsake Boxes

Mothercare Tooth & Curl Set

Baby’s first curls, the hospital wristband, and later the first tooth taken by the tooth fairy, these are all items that some parents like to keep hold of as a special memento. A keepsake box gives them a special place in which to do so. A tooth and curl set is a cute way of preserving those special curls and teeth.

Buy Baby Keepsake Boxes

Personalised Gifts

Animal Name

Make your gift unique by having it personalised. There is a great range of gifts that can be personalised with the new family’s details and includes baby-grows, photo albums, teddies and money boxes.

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Picture Frames

Daddy and Me Frame

Parents love taking pictures of their newborns, and a picture frame makes a great gift. Celebrate the new dad with a personalised daddy and me wooden photo frame, which makes a great low-cost gift. Baby’s first year can be recorded with a baby’s first frame with a picture slot for every month.

Buy Photo Frames for Baby

Hand & Footprint Set

Blue Canvas

Capture an image or imprint of a newborn’s hands and feet with these great gift sets. Parents can use them to look back and be amazed at how small their strapping toddler once was. There are a number of hand and footprint frames to choose from.

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Gifts That Have It All


Teddy Bear Hamper

Still not sure what to buy but have some money to spare? A large hamper with a teddy, picture frame, boots, hat and mittens, a feeding set and a money box is a lovely gift that will certainly be well-received.

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