Ten First World Problems Only A Toddler Would Understand

Urban Dictionary defines the phrase “First World Problems” as “Problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third worlders would probably roll their eyes at.” For most adults, they are trivial annoyances that interrupt the flow of our comfortable lives, but for toddlers, fraught with emotions they are yet to understand, first world problems are far from trivial. They are devastating, soul destroying, and even paralysing. They lead to epic meltdowns worthy of an Oscar, as wearied parents stand there perplexed, unable to see why something so inconsequential can have such a profound effect.

During moments like this, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the complexities that parenting entails, but instead, grasp on to the fact that you are not alone, drink some wine, and make a note, so that one day you can look back and laugh at the first world problems only a toddler would understand. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Crafting Calamity

boy crying tears running down face

There was only one egg box in the house and the robot on Mr Maker needed two egg boxes. What is more, the only egg box is currently being used for eggs.

2. Pasta Predicament

Portrait of unhappy upset crying child boy

The pasta I was served up at dinner time was penne pasta and not fusilli pasta. The whole meal is ruined.

3. Fashion Faux Pas

Small boy with big eyes crying dramatically before bedtime

Only plain t-shirts were available for me to wear, as the t-shirts with superheroes on them were in the laundry. Leaving the house in such attire is simply not acceptable.

4. Cartoon Catastrophe

Angry Child Screaming

Thomas The Tank Engine is only available to watch on Amazon Prime, but we only have a subscription to Netflix.

5. Charitable Commotion

little cute boy crying

The man forgot to give me a sticker when I put some of Mummy’s money in his charity bucket.

6. Shoe Shop Shock

littlegirl is in bad mood and crying

In the shoe shop, I chose the pink shoes with the purple flowers but when I got in the car I realised what I actually wanted were the purple shoes with the pink flowers but Mummy says it’s too late to take them back.

7. Ice Cream Infliction

A little girl yelling and crying in anger

I am only allowed to visit the ice cream factory, not live there.

8. Water Washout

Blond child screaming with tears

I spilt the teeniest, tiniest droplet of water on my trousers and now I cannot not wear them because they clearly soaking wet and not fit for human use.

9. Water Washout: The Sequel.

Very angry little girl lying on white wooden floor

I spilt an entire cup of juice on my trousers and now Mummy wants me to change them because they are soaking wet but they are my best trousers and I need to keep them on as no other trousers, dry or wet, are up to the same standard.

10. Healthy Hardship

Two angry kids isolated on white background

Mummy only buys the sugar free biscuits from the baby food aisle instead of the nice chocolate biscuits that I get at Nana’s house.