Toy Storage Solutions That Will Keep You Sane

The relatives have returned home, the mince pies have been scoffed, and the Christmas decorations have been packed away in the loft for another year. Christmas is over and we’re gleefully packing our children back off to school / nursery. There’s just one problem. Where on earth are you going to put all those new toys? Unless you’re in the fortunate position of being able to simply buy a larger house, you need some convenient toy storage solutions.

Under Bed Storage


If your child’s room is lacking storage space, but your child is reluctant to go into a cabin bed (thus creating space underneath), then this bed from Mothercare is perhaps an ideal compromise. With four drawers and two cupboards there is ample storage space underneath the mattress for all your child’s toys, and things can be easily thrown in right before bedtime. It’s pretty stylish as well.

Ideal For: Pretty much anything other than the larger playsets

How Much? £219

Available From:

Under Cot Storage

Under Cot Storage

If your child is still in a cot or a toddler bed then you’ve probably realised that thanks to the low level of most cots, there’s not a lot of storage space available under there. However, you can still make the most of the space without resorting to simply shoving things under, with this under cot drawer by Izziwotnot. Unlike many other storage boxes on the market, this one is shallow enough to fit the small space under most cots and has castors so you can pull it out easily. You won’t be able to hide that giant plastic noisy monstrosity playset your child’s grandparents kindly bought, but you can use it for nappies, blankets, books, and or small toys, such as train tracks and puzzles.

Ideal For: Small flat items, such as books, puzzles, train tracks

How Much? £95

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Wheeled Storage

Wheelie Bin Storage

Sometimes you need to move toys between rooms and having to carry handfuls at a time can be a bit tiresome. Sometimes, your toddler likes to spread the toys around and having to walk around picking things up and putting it back in various places around the house can be even more tiresome. This wheeled storage bin available in John Lewis is the perfect solution. You can move it around the house easily, picking up things as you go. It can be stored under a table in the evenings, and because it’s made of wood, it’s pretty robust.

Ideal For: Small toddler toys, train sets, dolls, puzzles, etc

How Much? £54

Available From:

Children’s Play Table Storage

Table Storage

For children who like craft activities or puzzles, this little table would make a delightful addition to your home. It’s just the right height for children to sit and play with two chairs included. Best of all, when they are finished, they can simply open the middle panel that reveals a mesh storage basket underneath. It’s available in either grey or pink.

Ideal For: Puzzles, crafts, play tea sets

How Much? £69.99

Available From:

Lego Storage

Lego Storage

Lego on the carpet, Lego on the stairs, Lego on the table, Lego on the chairs. The classic toy has taken over houses up and down the country – more so in recent years following the brand’s upsurge in popularity with special sets for Star Wars and other popular characters. These giant Lego bricks are brilliant for storing all the bricks. Just like real Lego bricks, they stack and therefore as your child’s collection grows (which it will), you can simply add more for extra storage. They come in a variety of colours and there are versions with drawers.

Ideal For: Designed specifically for Lego, these could also be used for other small piece toys, such as K’Nex and Geomag

How Much? From £24.99

Available From:

Playmobil Storage

Playmobil Storage

Playmobil is lovely, with a massive range of characters that encourages your child’s imaginative play. It also has lots and lots of tiny small parts, such as miniature cutlery, sports equipment, and even tiny flip-flops. As a result, it’s really easy to lose pieces during play, and if you have more than one set, it can be difficult for your child to find the particular item they require. Thankfully, Playmobil has designed a set of storage boxes adorned with images of some of their favourite sets. Each box includes a smaller box with separate compartments to store all of the smaller pieces, making them easier to find.

Ideal For: Designed specifically for Playmobil, but could be used for other similar products such as Sylvanian Families

How Much? From £20

Available From:

Children’s Book Storage

Bookshelf Storage

It might be that you already have plenty of shelf space for books, but even if that’s the case, having something that your child can easily access will help foster their love of books, thus assisting with the development of their communication skills. We love this book sling available at Mothercare. Unlike other versions, this features a classic natural design, giving it a timeless element that will blend seamlessly with the other furniture in your home. That being said, Mothercare do stock a range of book slings with favourite characters on should you and your child prefer.

Ideal For: Children’s picture and board books

How Much? From £59.99

Available From:

Portable Children’s Book Storage

Portable Book Storage

If you want book storage that is both accessible and portable around the home, then this award winning Tidy Books Tidy Box is for you. Designed by a parent it holds up to 40 picture books and has a nifty carry handle so if you want to move books between your child’s room and the living area you can do so easily. It also includes a clock face with moveable hands on one end that can be used to introduce your child to telling the time. It’s available in natural and white.

Ideal For: Children’s picture and board books

How Much? £79.99

Available From:

Stylish Toy Storage

Stylish Storage

You can find toy boxes in most furniture shops, but many of them are decorated with popular cartoon, book, and comic characters. These might be ideal for your child’s bedroom, but you probably want something a bit more stylish for your living room. This Boori toy box comes in four neutral shades that will complement your existing furniture. It also has a soft close lid, so there’s no danger of trapped little fingers. Furthermore, it comes fully assembled meaning that there’s no swearing over an allen key and vague instructions. It also has a five-year guarantee.

Ideal For: Pretty much anything you need to find a home for that will fit

How Much? From £249

Available From:

Modular Toy Storage

Trofast Storage

If, during your tenure as a parent, you haven’t discovered Ikea’s range of storage systems then perhaps you have spent most of your parenthood living under a rock. A very disorganised rock where the playmobile, Lego, and jigsaw puzzle pieces all occupy the same jumbled space. Anyway, if you are thinking of redesigning your child’s room, then do check out Ikea’s Trofast range. The Trofast system is designed specifically for toys, and combines plastic drawers of three different sizes with frames that come in various shapes that fit all of the boxes.

The frames are available in black, white, or natural, whilst the storage boxes are available in white, green, pink, orange, and yellow. You can mix and match the boxes within the frames, tailoring it for your needs. For example, you might start with larger boxes to fit your toddler’s larger toys, but then switch to smaller drawers in the same frame when your child is older and into toys with smaller pieces. Some of the frames also include adapters to be mounted onto the wall.

Ideal For: All toys apart from the largest play sets

How Much? £1.50 to £136

Available From:

Soft Toy Storage

Soft Toy Storage

Has your child got enough soft toys to form a cute and cuddly army? If you are reluctant to off load half of them to a charity shop then take a look at the Clippasafe Toy Hammock. This simple product consists of a large triangle shaped net with a loop in each corner. Three hooks are included and the hammock can be mounted into the corner of your child’s room. The hammock is large enough for ten to fifteen soft toys and will look fab in your child’s bedroom.

Ideal For: Soft toys only, such as teddies

How Much? £6.49

Available From:

Fabric Basket Storage

Star Basket Storage

Sometimes you just want something that can be quickly grabbed, have everything thrown into it, and then conveniently thrown into the corner of the room, giving you the opportunity to have a quick blitz with the hoover (or to simply give your ankles a brief respite from tripping over toys). This quilted storage basket is lovely and soft, so there’s no risk of injury from a toddler climbing into it, and it’s lightweight so you can easily move it around the house. For young babies, it can be used for blankets or nappies and wipes. For older children, it’s perfect for lightweight toys that need to be kept together, such as train sets.

Ideal For: Smaller toys, such as train tracks and trains, action figures, and Duplo bricks

How Much? £25

Available From:

Play Mat Storage

Tidy Bag Storage

Ideal for toys that have lots of small pieces (think Lego, Playmobil, K-Nex), this clever Toy Bag combines storage with a play area. Consisting of a large, round piece of robust material that can be used as a playmat, it has a draw string around the entire edge. Once your child has finished playing, simply pull on the drawstring to envelop all of the toys within the material, forming a bag that can then be placed in a toy trunk, etc. You can also use it for craft activities, as it forms a handy barrier between your carpet and the glitter.

Ideal For: Lego and other construction toys

How Much? £9.99

Available From:

Wheeled Plastic Tower Drawer Storage

Plastic Wheel Storage

Really Useful have a massive range of plastic storage solutions that can be used for toys, craft kits, and much more. We love this multi-coloured tower storage unit that features 8 drawers with all the colours of the rainbow. This unit is on wheels, so can be easily moved around the house. The coloured drawers are perfect for those who like to organise small piece toys, such as Lego or craft items by colour, though we can’t guarantee your child will keep it that way.

Ideal For: Small piece toys, craft items

How Much? £44.99

Available From: Argos

Small Bag Storage

Drawstring Bag Storage

For puzzles that have lost their boxes, marble runs, small train sets, or dolls accessories, consider getting a few of these drawstring bags available on Amazon. Made from naturally coloured cotton fabric, you or your child could personalise them with fabric pens to create colourful and convenient places to store little sets that need keeping together. They can then be placed within a larger storage unit without getting mixed with other toy sets. These bags from Westford Mill come in five different sizes.

Ideal For: Small play sets, puzzles, tea sets, etc

How Much? From 99p to £7.95

Available From: