10 Reasons Why Shopping For Maternity Clothes Will Leave You Feeling Miserable

Congratulations, you’re pregnant. Welcome to the world of motherhood. You will soon be showing off your new-born baby with pride. But first things first. Your body is rapidly changing shape and you need new clothes. This is a great opportunity to splash out on a new wardrobe for yourself and show off that bump. Love shopping? Well sorry, prepare to be disappointed, many mothers have found maternity shopping is not always a pleasant experience…

1) The Awkward First Bump

Jeans Are Too Tight

When you first start showing, your trousers will probably be too tight, but most maternity clothes will be too big, so you have to improvise with regular clothes that are a size bigger and don’t fit properly or get creative with a hair bobble around the button on your jeans.

2) Being Unable To Try Clothes On

Woman Frustrated On Laptop

Most retailers don’t stock maternity clothes in store anymore. Apparently they don’t have room in their four storey department stores for a rail or two of pregnancy friendly clothing (I’m looking at you M&S and Debenhams). So, you can forget popping to the shops with friends or your Mum and trying lots of outfits on, as these days it’s all online.

3) The Cost

Pregnant Woman With Empty Piggy Bank

If you do find something you like (online of course), it will be ££££, because it’s maternity.

4) Stock Problems

Worried Pregnant Woman

And, if you decide to go ahead and order it anyway it won’t be in stock in your size.

5) Delivery Problems (No Not That Kind Of Delivery)

Woman Returning Box

You’ll spend all day waiting for a delivery that will inevitably turn up when you pop to the loo and when it does arrive half of what you ordered doesn’t fit so you have to send it back.

6) Awkward Slogans

Half the maternity clothes you find have awkward slogans on them like “Hands off the bump.”

7) Poor Colour Choices

Pregnant Woman In Stripey Shirt

The other half will either be stripy, bright orange, or navy. You hate stripes, orange, and navy.

8) Bidding Wars

Frustrated Woman On Laptop

If you try finding things on eBay you will be bidding against hundreds of women in the same boat and your hormones will send you over the edge when someone dares to outbid you.

9) Glamorous Celebrities

Pregnant Kate Middleton

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

There will always be a pregnant celebrity looking fabulous throughout her nine months who will make you sick with envy for her budget and team of stylists.

10) It’s Not Over Yet.

At the end of your pregnancy you will be so fed up of wearing the same five outfits over and over again that you will want to burn every item of maternity clothing you own. Except it will probably be a few more weeks before you can get back to your old wardrobe.

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